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Problems with dual 1GB Corsair DDR 400 modules


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OK, I have an EPOX 9NDA3+ board with 2-1GB Corsair Valueram DDR 400 modules and an AMD X2 4200 processor. I had RMAed one of the RAM chips to Corsair recently because it failed Memtest by itself and with the other module installed.


Now, with both modules installed trying to run in Dual-channel mode I get occasional read and write to memory messages in windows. A long memtest will often show an error.


So, I try to set the BIOS settings manually to 3,3,3,8 with 2.8 Volts for DDR Voltage. Windows will bluescreen if I set to 2.8 Volts for DDR, however, the hardware monitor shows it running at 2.8Volts on auto.


I've kicked the RAM down to default settings for DDR 333.


An individual RAM chip runs fairly well but still I get the occasional XXX application cannot read from memory (or write to memory).


I'm a tad stuck as to where to troubleshoot from here. I keep checking Epox for a newer BIOS but the last one for this board is Sept.

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We can try replacing both modules if you like but it sounds like there might be some other problem. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or *New* Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace them or it!
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Thanks for the offer but some additional troubleshooting has possibly ruled the RAM out.


I had a couple of 512MB Crucial DDR400 modules that I put in the system and tested and I still have some memory read/write errors (on known good memory). So, I guess I'm barking up the wrong tree as it appears the Corsair memory is not to blame.


So, its probably either mobo or CPU since memory controller is on CPU. I put the 1GB Corsair modules back in but not in Dual channel mode and all seems to be working fine now except I did have 1 freeze up earlier. But, still strange that Dual-channel mode and non dual-channel would have such different results.

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