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Huge problems with 2 modules of value select


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I just bought a 2x512mb kit of value select RAM from newegg, and when I put it in I run into a multitude of problems. I ONLY run into these problems with both modules installed, if I only put one in, no matter the slot, it works fine, but if I put both in, one of the following happens.


1. Computer does some sort of scan and says Drive A is missing(I have no floppy drive, but I set the BIOS to not scan for one) and beeps like crazy.


2. Computer boots, but on opening any application it crashes and after a minute or so the computer says that some sys32 file is missing and that it will shut down in 1 min.


3. During boot/after loggin the computer goes to a blue screan that is too fast to read and restarts.


4. I get the DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL message that tells me to remove any new hardware.



Any help is appreciated :[pouts:

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