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Problem with Value select RAM


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Hello, I bought a 1 Gig kit from NCIX in November. I have had only problems with the memory from the first moment. I have requested two RMAs up uintill now and have received replacement units, the first time, the memory worked great but the small square chip in the upper right corner was fallen off one of the modules. Second replacement kit, I have programs crashing, and once tested with memtest on 2 different systems, I get errors.


I think my system or settings is not the culprit since I have another exact same kit that works like a charm without any problems.


Although I am happy of the service received from Corsair support, I don't think it's acceptable to have three deffective kits one after the other. Each time I have to assume shipping which makes the value kit as expensive as better performing kits out there...


Should I try a third RMA?






PS: Both modules are VS512MB400 lot # 2168-0544122-0

Timings are by SPD in the Bios.

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I'm using only two modules at a time, since I have two computer systems. The bus is set at 400 Mhz since the Mother Board and CPU supports it.


The first replacement modules I received functionned perfectly and tested fine even though the small square ship in the upper right corner was fallen off. I would of kept them, but I don't know what that small chip is for and decided to request a new RMA.


This third set I received gives errors also during memtest, on both of my separate systems.


The other exact same set of two modules are working perfectly and test fine on both systems, so that's why I believe the RAM is flaky, unless I'm mistaken.


Thanks for the help.



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