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Memory Frequency and CPU FSB in Dual-channel mode

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:idea: Let me try a different approach...


Motherboard: ASUS P4P800-VM

Processor: Intel Celeron D 340 (2.93GHz) 533MHz FSB

Corsair memory to purchase: ???

Latency: Lowest I can get without compromising stability or overclocking


The configurator assumes I want to run at the fastest FSB the mobo supports and does not appear to take into consideration the FSB of the CPU installed in the mobo...hence the longer post below.


Any help would be welcomed as I need to purchase some RAM a.s.a.p.




MT Thread



I am configuring a new ASUS P4P800-VM motherboard and have purchased an Intel Celeron D Processor 340 (2.93GHz) that operates at a 533 MHz FSB speed.


The ASUS MB User Guide tells me to make sure that the memory frequency matches the CPU FSB but I'm a little confused about what frequency of RAM I should purchase to get the fastest throughput with the best stability for this system.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not believe this motherboard will support the newer PC4300 (DDR533) DIMMs that run at the faster 533MHz speeds so I won't be able to run DIMMs in a single-channel configuration that would match the processor FSB speed of my Celeron processor.


That leaves me to believe that my best option is to configure two PC2100 (DDR266) DIMMs in a dual-channel configuration which, when paired together in this dual DDR mode, will provide me with the 533MHz speed needed to match that of the Celeron processor FSB.


Have I thought this through correctly, or am I missing 'the BIG picture' here? The Memory Basics multimedia presentation on CORSAIR's web page states that the FSB and memory bus are independent from each other and may or may not run at the same speed. If that is true, then why not pair up a couple of PC3200 (DDR400) DIMMs and run at 800MHz on the memory bus? Why does the presentation conflict with what the ASUS MB User Guide is telling me? Does this have to do with the timing of the clock cycles and time-outs on the memory bus causing server hangs and other stability issues?


What CORSAIR memory type (Value Select, XMS, etc.), frequency, and CAS latency would you recommend with the above mentioned configuration? I could not find a memory configurator that would work with the Celeron processor 533 FSB speed.


Thanks in advance...


MT Thread

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