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Size or Speed?


Which is better?  

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  1. 1. Which is better?

    • 1.5GB @ DDR333
    • 1GB @ DDR400

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I am building a new computer and need some advice. I have an Abit AV8 motherboard and bought 2 x Corsair ValueSelect 512MB DDR400. Someone has also given me 1 x 512MB DDR333. It seems from the motherboard manual that if I put all 3 in, they will run at 333.


So, my question - am I better having 1.5GB @ DDR333 or 1GB @ DDR400?


I will mainly be using it for gaming if it matters.

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You may find the system will not post with all three modules installed. And I would not suggest mixing memory with any system for best performance. It would be best to use matching modules for your system.

OK, thanks. Just so I'm clear, by "matching modules", do you mean anything that's DDR400 or are there other things I should be looking for as well?


Also, is it worth (in the future) putting in one or two more sticks and accepting the drop to DDR333, or is the drop in speed sufficient to warrant the extra expense in staying with 2 (bigger) sticks? I think what I'm basically asking is how much slower is 333 than 400 and does having the extra RAM make up the difference?

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Matching means both modules would need to the exact same rated timings and speed grade. And in some cases they should be the exact same module or performance may suffer.

DDR333 compared to DDR400 is hard to say as it will vary with chipset but about 6-20% difference.

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