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My Memory is Bad, Need an RMA


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Okay well I purchased the 1GB Memory Module Kit ValueSelect RAM from newegg .com about a week ago. I had placed both 512MB in the new computer I was building under the default BIOS settings for BIOSTAR TForce6100-939 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard. The computer was successfully built and had windows installed. Everything worked fine and I gave the computer to a friend. 3 days later my friend calls me up saying that his computer randomly restarted and now is now beeping. Without him touching it I went over there and looked at it. I did my usual stuff like resetting the cmos and dissconnecting everything then slowly plugging stuff back in to see what works and what doesn't. I came to realize that if I took this one certian stick of ram out and left the other one in that the computer will start up and run fine. But if I put the bad stick in then it will not post but instead beep. It does not matter what combo I use whether its just the bad stick standalone or with the other stick and in any memory slot, the computer will not post. Therefore I determined that the one stick had simply gone bad.


Later on that day I took his computer home with me to do further testing. I placed the bad stick of RAM into my computer and removed my memory. I have an ASUS A8N-SLI NF4 RTL motherboard. I got the same result. My computer would not post but instead beep in an infinite loop with a delay of about a few seconds. Meanwhile I placed the good stick in my computer from his and everything worked fine.


The reason I am not RMAing this through newegg.com which has excellent service is because I contacted newegg.com about the RMA and they said I need to send both 512MB sticks back because they were part of a combo kit. However, my friend uses his computer for his busniess and cannot afford to not use his computer. Currently, it is just running fine with the one good stick. Newegg.com customer service directed me here because they said that you guys would just take the defective stick and would not need the combo to successfully process the RMA. I hope this is true. Thank you!


- Sean

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