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VS1GB400C3 (1GB chip) is not showing its full 1024mb


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When I run Windows system properties or sisoft sandra, it only recognizes 512mb. However, when I run cpu-z, it sees all 1024mb. I ran memtest and found zero errors, but I think memtest only sees the chip as beign 512mb b/c I noticed that it read "Memory: 512mb" in the upper left hand side of the screen while the test is running.


I'm running this chip on a Giga-byte 7VAXP. I tried moving this chip to all 3 dimm slots and got the same thing - only 512mb. There are no other memory chips in this machine.


I took out the chip and installed it as the only memory in a ASROCK DUAL SATA2 board and the board wouldn't even post.


Do I have a chip that has gone bad?



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