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Tawian or USA?

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I have a Tyan MB Thunder K8WE, which came with 1gb of ram(2x 512).

I go to order more ram at Corsair and use their configurator, they

recommended the CM72SD512RLP. I bought 2 of them.

When they get here, I realize 1 say's CM72SD512RLP-3200/S

and the other say's CM72SD512RLP-3200/M.


The 3200/S was made in Taiwan.

The 3200/M was made in USA. (why do I have the feeling ppl are

gonna say,..."go with the one that was made in the states",:laughing: )




Is this OK?,...what's the diff?

Isn't one Samsung an the other meta?

I've read not to mix memory.



Then on top of that, these 2 stick I bought are NOT supported

by Tyan (ONLY the CM72SD512ARLP are). The site could at least

say,.. not the Tyan approved, BUT it'll work (which I know they will,

but I don't wanna mess with my Tyan support)


I use the tech support express(for the same question as above,and

even posted on the compatibility section cause someone had the same problem as me) only for them to tell me (after

waiting for 2 days) "You have a bad dimm, check your bios

and run memtest86".


*cough*,... I didn't install the memory yet.





P.S. Not looking for refunds on the sticks, just answers.:confused:





P.S.S I know, I know,...I'm a noob:D:

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Wired is correct all of CM parts are built here in the USA, I think what you are seeing is the IC's we used on one module is Samsung and made in Taiwan and one is Micron which is made in USA. If you have a problem with them running together let us know we will be happy to replace them.
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