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Bad memory, seeking replacement


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I think I received a bad memory module.

I purchased 2 pieces of ValueSelect 1GB DDR2, part # VS1GB533D2.

One piece works fine, the other piece fails and stops the pc from booting.

Bad piece is serial # 5211-0550034-0-500890. When the bad piece is in the computer, the video doesn't come on and there is no beeping. After putting good memory back in, I notice the bios setting for the presence of a floppy drive has been changed. I think the perhaps the bad memory has a short that pulls down the power supply voltage. One piece works fine, in either slot, by itself or in combo with a 256MB piece. The other piece fails, in either slot, by itself or with another piece.


Computer is a Dell Diminsion E310, just purchased in December 2005.

P4-2800, two DDR2 slots. It came with 2 pieces of 256 MB DDR2 PC4200.


I would like RMA # to return for exchange.


Gary Gunn

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