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Bad memory, need RMA


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I have a 512 MB Stick (CMX512-3200C2 XMS3202v1.1 024504) that started causing problems a few weeks ago: System instability, memtest reporting errors (tested on two systems).


I received this stick as a replacement from you in fall 2002, RMA number being R26114. I do not have the original invoice anymore, but I already sent you a copy of it with that RMA in 2002.


Can I get an RMA and get this stick replaced?


Best Regards,


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It's an EPOX 8KTI board with the VIA KT-400 chipset. The RAM usually ran at 400 or 266 MHz (I switch the FSB from 133 to 100 MHz to slow down the computer when I don't need much processing power). Standard voltage, I never touched that.


No matter what settings I use now (BIOS defaults, fail safe defaults, FSB at 133 or 100) I always get erros on the memory stick. Another stick that I meanwhile bought works fine.

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