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nForce4 timings for VS2GBKIT400C3 please?


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Could you please list the full timings for the VS2GBKIT400C3 set? I purchased these from one of your retail partners and the packaging and documentation gives no info on timings or voltage. Also the SPD info on the chips doesn't communicate the 'advertised' 3-3-3-8 ratings to any of the boards I have and must be set manually (RAM is currently in an Abit AN8-Ultra). So, I'd like to know what Corsair specifies for the following:


Voltage: ?

DDR 400

CAS (tCL) 3

Row Cycle (tRC): ?

Row Refresh (tRFC): ?

RAS to CAS (tRCD): 3

RAS to RAS (tRRD): ?

Min RAS Active (tRAS): 8

RAS Precharge Time (tRP): 3

Write Recovery (tWR): ?

Write to Read (tWTR): ?

Read to Write (tRTW): ?

DRAM Command Rate: ?

Burst Length: ?

32 bit Dram Memory Hole: ?



Thanks in advance.

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