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Corsair 512 DDR 400 problem


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I have just purchased a Corsair 512mb DDR 400 VS512SDS400


for my laptop, however it doesnt fit in the memory slot...the notch in the memory doesnot align with the peg in the memory slot.

When i compare it with the existing ram a Hynix HYMP532S64P6-E3 AA

256mb DDR 3200 module. the notch on the existing module is about 1mm off.


The existing memory fits perfectly in the ram slot,but this corsair module will not fit.


Have i purchased the wrong type or is it a corsair memory issue with this module


thanks in advance



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What's the exact manufacturer and model of your laptop? Tried searching for that other memory, found DDR1 and DDR2 memory, so it's tough to say what the problem is, although if I had to guess, you've probably got a DDR2 system, or the memory's backwards.
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