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one of 2 sticks fails after 2+ years

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purchased and installed this ram in system about 2 year ago, both sticks have worked fine untill about 1 month ago.


cooling on system draws @ 20cu.ft./min w/temp differential of about 14`F.

and is filtered.


system is not over clocked.


using microsoft's memory diagnostic v.0.4 in basic test mode i get the following results


Stick A in slot 1 fails

Stick B in slot 1 pass

Stick B in slot 1 and Stick A in slot 2 pass

Stick A in slot 1 and Stick B in slot 2 fails


at this point i am assumming stick A is bad and will proceed with RMA but would like to hear from anyone with any thing i might have missed.

along time ago corsair was suggested as the ram i should use when i build my systems and i took that advice.... 100's of systems later i find that i have not had to troubleshoot ram very often at all


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