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one of my 1GB PC3200 XMS modules gone bad

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not too long ago my computer stopped working. When i would turn it on it wouldn't even load DOS. The screen was completely black and the busy light on my computer would never turn off.


later i went to my friends house with my RAM to test the modules(his MB uses the same type of RAM) after switching stuff around i discovered that one of the modules was dead. I am fairly sure it was the one in the first socket when they were back in my computer earlier. Anyways, now i am running with just one of them in and it works fine. It is just when I have the other module in the first slot (if i have it in the second slot then i get "memory test fail" upon turning on the computer) that the computer does not start.


I mainly wondering if it is still under Corsair's warranty and if i can send it in to get repaired. I am positive that the RAM module is toast for now and was just wondering if the warranty was still effective since it didnt come defective: rather it became defective.


I purchased it online at Fry's website: outpost.com

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