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Just received my 2GB Flash Voyager.Couple of questions.


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Hi and HAIL to all the forums here, people and all who help.


Now i just got my 2GB Flash Voyager. I like to go by the book, so i was reading the manual before installing.


Something was not as in the manual :


1.When i pluged the USB, Windows (XP Pro SP2) recognized it immediately.The manual said that Windows may use a generic usb Hub Driver for the device so, it may prompt for driver installation. This , for me, didnt happen. So in Device Manager, under Drives, it shows the Corsair Flash Voyager normaly, and under USB controllers i have the Generic USB Hub + USB Mass Storage Device. These show that are already using a windows driver.


So my question is : is this normal ? Is this optimized for best performance, or are there other specific Corsair Drivers somewhere? I tried to update them with the mini-CD, but it says that it cant find better ones.


2. My second question is : Is there any disadvantage by NOT partitioning the USB drive , OTHER THAN not having a pass protected partition ? If yes, what is this disadvantage ? Is speed affected?


I'd like to sort these out before i test the USB and report back :) Thanks for any help. :sunglasse

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