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asus a7v880 + 2x512 pc3200 valueselect


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those 2 modules used to work fine on my former mb (msi kt6v-lsr) now i can only use one at a time,it used to freeze and that i've uptated the bios it just doesn't boot!the problem seems to be the components (32m8bdb pr 1200538) differents than to one listed on my mb manual (vs32m8-5).

what can i do?



barton 3200+

asus a7v880

2x 512 pc3200 corsairvalue

dd maxtor 40go

textorm db killer 335w

win xp sp2

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Did you ever get an answer?


I am having freezing problems as well but only when I run MediaCenter. Normally everything seems to work fine but when I try to watch tv in media center it freezes after about 15min. I have the latest 1009 BIOS and all of my driver are up to date.


I'm running XP MCE 2005


I have run memtest86+ without errors but I'm still stumped on what the issue could be. I have tried running 2 different video cards as well as 2 different tv tuners.

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