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Both TwinX sticks 2 gigs two 1gb + 1 gb two 512s, compatable?


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I know very little about ram and I have tried to educate myself through corsair's website but it really seems all greek to me. So heres my issue, I currently own/use two 512 sticks called 1GB TWIN X 1024-3200CT COR RT


I don't know what the COR RT stand for but I'm just being overally detailed.


Not any time soon by any means, I'd like to add on an extra 2 gigs for a total of 3 gigs, however as I've been told before your only as fast as your slowest ram, so I don't know if the prospect corsair ram will be faster then slowed by my existing ram? I have in mind the following 2GB TWIN X 2048-3200C2


My motherbaord btw is a DFI Lanparty PRO 875


Would these sticks conflict at all?


I went to DFI's website heres what they said


Question: "What should I pay attention while purchasing and using memories?"


Answer: "To avoid encountering memory compatibility problem, it is highly recommended using two, three and four exactly the same memories simultaneously. It is better purchasing memories at the same time. If there is a set of same memory specification, but purchased in different time, the chips, timing and PCB revision might be different. There might be a loading inaccuracy, if the memories working at the same time, the system might crash easily. Hence, we strongly recommended using exactly the same memories simultaneously."


Is there a way to avoid any problems?

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