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Failed PC3200LLPT ram

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Hello, i have 2 sticks of the title ram, purchased separately. Recently, my computer stopped working, and i thoguht my motherboard had crapped out so i switched to an eVGA NF41 SLI mainboard. After putting it all together, i found that the stick in question is the problem - it refuses to work at all in the computer.


I tried dual and single channel modes, and the computer failed to POST - when it did, it hit a BSOD instead of the Win XP loading screen and immediately restarted continuously until I shut the power off. THe same occurs when I put the problem ram alone on the motherboard. I have taken extreme care in protecting the ram from static damage.


I did not report this sooner because I was not aware of Corsair's lifetime warranty.


My other stick works perfectly alone in the computer.


I would like an RMA, as I can no longer return this stick to newegg.com.


Thanks and have a great day.

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