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corsair 1gig 2 512mb stix 3200 blank screen 3 loooong beeps

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hey RAM GUY i purchased my comp stuff bout 2 yrs ago. amd athalon 2000+, asus a7n8x deluxe, 2 512 mb of CORSAIRS XMS 3200 ddr 400, one bout a month apart. after using my comp for two years without complication I turned my comp on and nothing happened, called the pc club guys they said it sounds like ur mobo. I go get another mobo (EVGA nf4sli s939 pcie atx evga 133k8nf41), processor (amd athalon 3000+ s939), graphics card (6200 turbocache). Put in the mobo, chip, graphics card, and one stick turned on and everything worked. then i installed all drivers and what not. Shut down the beast then installed the other stick of memory and the same thing happened, turned on the comp it came on everything was lookin good except for the monitor... there was no picture:eek: I was like arrrrgggghhh!! so I took everything out and installed the stuff that i had, put in the stick of ram that I think is bad turned it on and the comp was like trippin there were three loooong beeps that repeated itself over and over and over and over an.. oh wait you get my picture and the post said "SYSTEM FAILED MEMORY TEST" installed the one that i think is good and boom instant satisfaction everything worked fine threw in the other stick next to it well in slot three so i could have ddr 400, and same three loooong beeps that repeated itself over an' over again, with the speech post reporter reporting live that the "SYSTEM FAILED MEORY TEST". so i called the doods at PC CLUB computers and they were like sounds like you got a bad stick. SO, I was like can i get an exchage they were like sorry bub, go thru corsair for that compadre, so here i am :): please help a brother out sos he can have ddr 400 on his new mobo chip and graphics card thank ya thank ya very much uh uhhu!!!
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