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Can I run 4 Sticks at DDR400 on an AMD x2 4600+?


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My setup is ...


Motherboard : Abit AV8-3rd Eye

CPU : AMD64 x2 4600+

Memory : 4 x CMX512-4000PRO


BIOS Memory settings : AUTO


I upgraded the memory from 1Gb to 2GB by adding 2 more identical sticks but at boot it says its running the memory at DDR333, even though it recognises the memory as DDR400.


If I change the BIOS setting to SPD it runs as 400DDR but not very stable


Is this a limitation of the AMD memory controller or the Motherboard ?

Searching around the web it seems it is a limitation of the AMD processor. However I was hoping the later CPUs may have resolved this ?


What is the performance hit of running DDR333 ?


Thanks for any advice


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