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Asus A8N-E and 2 pairs of XMS


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I have a pair of Twinx2048-3200c2pt and a pair of Twinx1024-3200c2pt on my A8N-E mobo and when i switch on my computer under Memory Information it shows DDR 200, Dual Channel 128 bit, and i ran CPU-Z and it shows memory is running at 100.8 Mhz , FSB:DRAM is CPU/22


I have my BIOS setting is 2-3-3-6 running on 200 Mhz and 2.75v and the BIOS is rev 1010 newest you can get from asus, is there any problem on the motherboard?


My CPU is X2 4400+ with no overclock


I did swap them to different slot and pull a pair out while testing the others and still the same results.


Updated: I just switch the jumper on the motherboard to reset BIOS and taken out the pair of 512 out and reboot, it run back on DDR 400 right now, and when i put that pair of 512 back on it it will run as DDR 200




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I am sorry but that is normal when you mix memory. All of the modules would need to be exactly matched with this platform in both part# and revision. Just try the system with either set if modules but not both.
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