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Need RMA

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Hello, I have been trying to contact Corsair tech support/RMA for 2 days, by phone and e-mail. I have received no response from e-mail sent 24 hours ago, and whenever I call on the phone, I am transferred to voicemail. The Express Tech Support beta does not list the product I purchased. I am resending the e-mail and attaching it to this forum as well:



I recently purchased VS2GBKIT400C3 from Fry's Electronics, and found that one of the modules is defective (this specific module returns errors in Memtest86 (tests 6 and 7), even though the other one does not). I tried to exchange the memory at Fry's, but they would not allow it because I had already sent the UPC code from the box in for a rebate claim.


I need to have this issue resolved as soon as possible. How does your return process work? Do I send both modules from this 2GB kit in, or just one? I need modules that are identical so that I can have the most stable system possible.


Also, are the replacement modules refurbished? This would be extremely undesirable since I have had this memory for only about a week and it has hardly been used.


The numbers listed on the bad DIMM are:






Compaq Presario SR1550NX



Ben Simmons

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