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Bad 512mb ddr400 pc3200 corsair value select

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hey there,


bought a dual 512mb ddr400 pc3200 value selct pack of ram in july of last year (17/7/05).


one of the memory modules has definatly died as it will not function at all i have tried all my other componets in my other system and they all function properly apart from one of the 512mb modules that fails to work at all. When i put the faulty RAM into the dimm slot and try to boot up, a beeping noise sounds from my motherboard to point out the memory module is unuseable and evidently broken.


The numbers on the dimms are:

Above barcode number: VS512MB400C3

Under the barcode number: 784-0526109-1-840039


I bought this item from ebuyer.com and they have instructed me to come straight to you for varification that it is indeed broken.




Tom Parkinson

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