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Memory error


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A few months ago my motherboard and WinXP were not reading all the RAM that I have. I came onto this board looking for answers and found a thread with a user have similar problems as I with identical Corsair RAM and similar computer specifications. I was getting Stride 6 errors using Microsoft's memory utility. I was able to determine that the timings were incorrect in the BIOS and changed them to correct ones. The RAM was at 8, 4, 4, 3 at 2.5V. It was supposed to be set correctly to 6, 3, 3, 2.5? at 2.7V. (I'm trying to remember exactly since as of last night my computer really isn't booting up at all to check, just sending me a beep code indicating bad RAM (yes, I already looked up the code with the motherboard manufacturer)). The computer ran fine for about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks and last night when I came home from work the computer was doing a beep code. Now, I'll be lucky if the computer even boots up let alone makes it into WinXp.


I'm afraid to try to start it up again on the possibility it could start affecting other hardware. I've had the motherboard, processor, and RAM for 1 1/2 years now and only recently started to have problems (which is pretty good considering the RAM timings were never correct to begin with). Now, I'm asking if you think it would be ok to boot up the computer just to run the MS RAM utility to check the RAM or if I should try sending it back. I don't have any extra RAM available to try that out first so that's out of the question. When I had the Stride 6 errors I had tried switching the RAM around and just running one stick at a time but I was having the same problems. Changing the timings solved the error though. I haven't tried doing so this time, yet. Just afraid of starting the computer up with the RAM in it.



RAM: 512 Corsair PC3200 x 2


The thread I used to help with the timings is HERE

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Ok, a little more info now that I'm at home:


I'm currently using one stick and the computer booted right up with no errors with the diagnostic tool. The RAM is CMX512-3200C2PT (TWINX1024). BIOS settings:


Active to Precharge Delay: 6

Row Precharge: 3

RAS to CAS: 3

CAS Latency: 2.5

Bank Interleave: Enabled

DRAM Command Rate: 2T Command

DRAM Burst Length: 4

Write Recovery Time: 4T

Write to Read Command Delay: 2T

DRAM Clock at Next Boot: 200Mhz (By SPD)

VCCQ Select: 1.5V (Default)

+2.5V Select: 2.5V (Default)

VDIMM Select: 2.6V (Default)


I'm going to give the other stick a try and see how it does. Let me know if those settings are all correct please. Thank you!



Ok, I tried the other stick by itself and no errors came up. WinXP booted just fine. Then I tried both sticks in the first two slots, ran diagnostic, no errors, WinXP booted fine again. So I can't seem to get the same error to occur at the moment. Any ideas as to what may cause it please let me know.

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Well, earlier my wife tried going on the computer (before I had a chance to make this last change) and she said it booted to Windows then froze. So just now I changed the VDIMM voltage to 2.7 and the computer booted up, no problem again (I think my wife is cursed or something, probably all her fault :D: ). I'll let you know if anything else happens. I did notice a little more speed in opening up e-mail and IE though! I'll try to give this a good test tomorrow night with BF2 and see if it holds up.


Thank you very much!

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