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A8N32SLI with 4400C25 Version 1.1, can't get 275 FSB at all


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Hi all,


have been wrestling with my A8N32 SLI for weeks now and can't get it stable above 250 FSB with my 4400C25 Version 1.1 2 x 512 MB kit.

I know they work, because they offer the 275 FSB (and beyond for that matter) on my DFI SLI-D without a hitch. On the A8N32, I can't get them stable beyond 250-255, which is extremely annoying if you paid good money for a set like this. I've tried to up the chipset voltages and RAM voltage (to 2.9 max), I've lowered the HTT settings to make sure the bus could handle it to 3x and also lowered the multiplier to 6 to make sure the cpu wasn't failing, but simply can't get the RAM stable past 255 FSB....

Any ideas would be welcome :-)

Something not visible in the PC specs above: I am using a Fortron Blue Storm 500 Watt PSU (total wattage consumed by the entire machine under full load is about 260 watts, well within the specs of the Fortron)



Anybody with similar problems out there?


Thanx in advance for any help :):

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More than likely a future bios update may help this, but probably just hitting the limit of the CPU.



Hello Ram guy,


I don't think I hit the limit of the cpu, as I am down to a 6x multiplier and the same cpu gladly accepts 300 Mhz FSB on my DFI SLI-D. I really hope it's a bios issue, but they don't seem to recognize this as an issue. I know one of their customer support people personally, and it's not going to be addressed in one of the bios bug fixes.

But if you know of any upcoming bios revisions that fix this, feel free to tell me where to download them :):


Thank you for your reply,





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Good morning Ram Guy (or evening for you :): ),


the processor (an opteron 170 or another Opteron 175 I have) and the RAM run 1:1 in my DFI SLI-D at speeds up to 290 something. I doubt there is anything wrong with the RAM, it just doesn't seem to like the A8N32SLI (or vice versa). Maybe it's the spd programming, that I override manually of course, because otherwise the A8N32 gives me ridiculous timings of 2.5 4 4 8 at DDR 400....(but I know there are no official JEDEC-setttings above 400 :):, so that it's not easy for you guys to put the right settings in there.....)

This board is seriously starting to piss me off, hope the bios revisions stabilize it in the end. Maybe Corsair can communicate the memory problems to Asus, because my contacts are at the "ant workers" level, so it may never pour through to the right people..... As a final resort, could you please give me the settings that have worked for this RAM with this mainboard at 275 Mhz?

After that, I'll just give up and accept the fact that this high end board doesn't perform up to par (yet.....hopefully).

Hardware update: just to make sure it wasn't a voltage problem, I installed a seasonic S12-600, but I can't see any difference.....


Thanx in advance,




Johan Daes (aka Remorfer)

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i am having my troubles with overclocking the a8n32... how do i set the fsb to 275 so that my AMD-FX60 runs @ 2600.


I have set the VID/FID or Multiplier to 9.5 so it runs around 2615 i presume.


What does the SB to NB Frequency do...?


as far as i might do everything wright without knowing... my 4400er Rams also wont run @ 275FSB with 9.5 FSB Multi...

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hi ram guy... yes, but i have to many settings..(->what exactly are the settings..the tec report is not detailed enough...NB to SB..PCI link speed etc. do i have to touch any of these settigns..i cant find a answer anywhere!!...as you might see i am posting like crazy to get the answer on how to overcklock on this a8n32) and since i am outside the US it is difficult for me to call you guys because i get a message on the tec helpline that tells me to leave my name and number...do you call back internationaly? I would rather hang on the line instead of trying several times...
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  • Corsair Employees

Yes we will call you back

you should set the SB to NB Frequency to 3 and set the Memory Voltage to 2.8 Volts and you CPU Multiplier should be set to 8 or 9 and I would set your CPU voltage up about 1/2 a volts as well. But start with conservitive settings and work your way up. The HTT Freq should never be above 1100 MHz.

You can use the pictures for reference.

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ah... so the SB to NB defines the HTT Bus Speed... so if i have 220 & set it to 3 i get HTT of 660, correct?


so the trarget to set my athlon fx60 to would be:


CPU FSB: 275


Processor V: 1.55 (since it has that when i run CPU-Z and Cool&Quiet it has a max Speed of 2620 @ 1.55V)


SB to NB: rather 3 then 4


ill post my findings..

& thx for the pics



********few minutes l8ter*****


ok..well that didnt go too well... system is stable up to approx 220 CPU FSB...


btw: i am surprised by my rather high CPU Temp at idle WITH cool and quiet AND watercooling i get 48°C with the ASUS PC Probe... could there be someting wrong with it.. i never actually checked the temp of the CPU since i never OC' it till now.. Watertemp is fine i guess @ 37°


i might have to make two Waterflows... one for the NB/SB/PowerConverters/HDD/Graphics and one for the CPU...85Watts CPU alone is a lot to get rid off...

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  • Corsair Employees
Cool and Quiet must be disabled when over clocking, and I would not run that CPU that high, just set it to Auto and see what Voltage is set in hardware monitor and then increase it about half of a volt. If its 1.35 when in Auto set it to 1.4 Volts and work you way up slowly. I would try the multiplier at 7 or 8 if you can. Also do you have the latest beta bios installed? And you have to load setup defaults before you start and disabl;e legacy USB as well. The memory Frequency should be set to 200 MHz/DDR400 which ever you have listed.
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