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Compatibility Question For MSI P4N Diamond


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I'm just wondering.. even though i keep asking here and there and the ram guy about this i am still hesitating..I am planning to build a pc with the following but hesitating on the ram :confused: everyone sais its ok but its not in the specs of the mobo.. I deffinetely want 2GB of ram and was thinking about the corsair 6400pro 2GB kit (2x1GB) anyone has an idea if it would be compatible cuz the mobo specs say it supports ddr2 533-667 :


MSI mobo P4N Diamond

P4 LGA 775 3.4Ghz cpu

XFX Geforce 7800 GTX 256mb

Maxtor Diamond Plus 10 250Gb 16mb cache

Thermaltake pure power station 520w sli ready


I'd really appreciate any help


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Our XM2X6400 modules will run great in that MB, but you would have to over clock the CPU to get the memory to its full speed. So the CPU you have will be the limiting factor. But I would suggest checking some of the reviews on this MB and see what the reviewers have been able to run the MB at.
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