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HELP !! upgrade ram, now no video?


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I have been running two sticks -





XMS3200 256MB 400MHz CL2


and went to upgrade today to two sticks -





XMS3200 512MB 400MHz CL2



Now when i put the new sticks in, and it doesn't matter weather i put 1 single stick in, or both togeather, and i have tried them in every possible combination of both sticks, in all the 3 ram slots, it's like it blocks the video port and the screen stays black, the monitor light doesn't even go green it stays orange like the computer is off or in standby, the monitor just relays a 'no signal' message. If i put my old sticks of ram back in the computer it works fine. I am really stuck here any help would be apreciated. Also i had a little trouble when i got the 1st XMS sticks (2 x 256mb) so i posted here and fixed it, but here is the thread from my last post, it might help, the computer is all exactly the same.




Thanx matt.

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