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I have been running a Corsair Hydro COOL 200 on a pentium4 3.2 Ghz Etreeme Edition in socket 478 format. Until System Died. Have now built a sockt 775 system. But when i bought the hydro cool 200 socket 775 was just been launched by intel. so the cooling system that i can't fault at all. didn't come with a retaining bracket for the cooling block to a socket 775 mother baord. is there one availble and if so where to in the uk can i aquire one from.


Hope some one can help

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There is no LGA775 hold-down clip or hardware for the HC. :[pouts:


However, if you can find something like this, you should be all set. :sunglasse




At the bottom of the screw that applies the pressure is a point. A hard lab type rubber stopper, with no-hole, should be place between the point and the cold-block (or something of this sort). Just turn the screw until the cold-block is fully seated. Do not over tighten. The correct pressure is when the cold-block can be twisted left-to-right atop of the CPU with some hand effort. This is simple to do. Do not go beyond that. Doing so would damage the CPU.


You could even do something like this, however, the pressure is not applied onto the cold-block evenly like the first easy solution.





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