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mixing DIMMs with different CAS?


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I currently have 2 X Corsair VS512MB400 DIMMs (CAS = 2.5) in my system for a total of 1 gig of RAM. Great memory by the way.


Anyway, I would love to upgrade to 2 gigs but I only have one slot left and I would like to stick with Corsair Value Select memory if I could. The problem is that Corsair doesn't make a Value Select 1 gig stick with CAS = 2.5.


My question is, can I mix 2 memory modules with CAS = 2.5 with another module with CAS = 3. My motherboard's manual says to always install memory modules with the same latency. Is this true, or would it not hurt anything if I mismatched the latency values?

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please, does noone know the answer to this?


Can I mix DIMMs with different CAS Latencys on one motherboard?


FYI, bumping within 24 hours is against the rules. Also, it's pointless when Corsair's ASLEEP at the time of both posts :) Not gonna wake them up!

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