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XMS-Xpert fault

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Hi there. I think I have a bad module. I have dual channel config that has been running fine for awhile now. I booted my machine up yesterday and noticed bios detected only 1 stick of 512 instead of two and hence only ran as a single channel. Upon taking the panel of my case I noticed that the LED display on one module wasnt working - The flags at the end were lit up but nothing in the text box.


I have tried taking out the memory and resitting it in different slots and have tried each stick on its own. When I put the faulty stick in on its own - the system fails to boot and i get a voice message that says "System failed memory test"

Numbers on the module are :



XMS3208 v1.2



look forward to your help!!


P.S. Please hurry! You have no idea how hard it is to play BF2 with only 512mb ram! Thanks

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