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Corsair XMS DDR 400 Boot Problem


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I have 3 512 mb modules of Corsair XMS DDR 400 DIMMs. I have an Asus K8N motherboard. 2 of my sticks of ram are CMX512-3200C2, XMS3202v3.1. One of them happens to be CMX512-3200C2, XMS3202v1.2. If I put the v1.2 in my system it refuses to boot. No monitor sysncing signal, and no beep codes at all. As long as I use ONLY the v3.1's it runs flawlessly. The v3.1 ram runs fine and works great, but if I put the v.1.2 into my computer. It refuses to boot at all. :eek: Can I exchange my v1.2 stick for a v3.1? I feel that if I had 3 sticks of the same version, I could use them all in my machine :D: .

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