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Memory Clock Question...

Jim K

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I picked up two of these about a year ago (4 sticks total):


(Twinx CMX512-3200XLPT 2225 400mhz)

for two systems that I maintain. One has a Asus P5P800, the other a P4P800. Both systems support dual channel memory configurations. Both are running the 3.0ghz P4 that fits in them (One a P4 630 Prescott, the other a P4 3.0e Prescott Socket 478) A recent video card upgrade in one of the systems has raised the following to my attention which I didn't notice before.


When the bios configures everything via auto detection, the ram is set to run at 233mhz, dual channel, linear mode, timing set via SPD. If I manually tweak the frequency to 400mhz, still allowing the timings to be set via SPD, the systems are very unstable and applications and the os crash often and randomly.


Does running the memory in dual-channel mode reduce the operating frequency from the advertised 400mhz down to something else? I don't think this is the case but would like a sanity check cause I think I'm loosing my mind! :bigeyes:


Could I have 4 bad sticks? What other tweaks can I try? Any suggestions for setting the timings manually?

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I downloaded and ran mem-test on both systems at the specified 2-2-2-5 400mhz timings, results are below:


#1: Pentium 630


#2: Pentium 3.0e


So my question still stands, are the timings shown on the mem-chips for single mode only, or should they run at those speeds in dual mode also?


I guess I'll go answer my own question by configuring one of the systems to run in single mode and re-run mem-test... :biggrin:

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