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Bad Memory... Need a RMA


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I've been building a computer for school for the past few days (it's my first time). All the specs are in my profile. However when I started it I was getting no video on my monitor. So after asking my friends for their advice and looking at the possible problems (they said it was either the RAM or the mobo) I went to my local computer shop. They swapped in a stick of RAM they knew worked, and I got video. So I would like to get an RMA to replace my bad stick of RAM please.
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The epox website said that the memory that this mobo supports is:

2 x DDR SDRAM PC2100/2700 Dual Channel, 2GB max.


Which is exactly what I ordered from zipzoomfly:

1024MB DDR333 PC2700 ECC


So please tell me, did zipzoomfly send me the wrong part? or is there minor detail that says that the memory and mobo are incompatible?

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