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defective memory, need rma


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During windows/xp home, I could not complete transition from dos windows setup to windows; got reboot every time.


After desperately checking the new computer for errors, and updating the bios to no avail, I Installed memtest86+ and got 950 errors immediately.


removed one 1g module(module a) from mobo slot blue 2, still got errors.


removed 1g module(b) from mobo slot blue 1 and re-installed module(a) in mobo slot 1 . This was a pain because I had to remove the cooler fan from a tight spot to remove the memory from slot 1. memtest ran flawlwss for 15 minutes.


To verify, I re-installed the suspected defective module(b) in slot 2 and re ran memtest. Got errors, and memtest seemed to stop functioning.


I removed the suspected module(b) and reran memtest, with no errors. Then, I started to re-install windows xp/home. For the first time, I got past the setup install reboot problem, and the rest of the install ran without a problem, albeit with only 1 g of memory.


I need to exchange the defestive module. Even though it was part of a kit, I only need to replace the bad module. Also I do not have the heart to take that fan off of the cooler again, for fear that I might damage it.

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What timings / voltage did you run the tests at? Also, the replacement stick can't be guaranteed to match the other stick, hence why they recommend replacing both if/when an RMA is approved. You can replace just one stick if you want, just be informed of everything.
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memtest says ram 333 mhz(ddr666), cas:5-5-5-15

bios says 5-5-5-15

bios voltage was set to automatic, the actual number was not displayed.

If the bios voltage was set to manual, it gives me the choice of 1.8,,2.08. I did not do this.

I have no plans to overclock or try aggressive memory timings. If I did, the bios would set it to 3-2-2-4.


I would really want to try installing only one stick to replace the defective one. If that does not work, I will pay the extra cost of shipping to return the single module in favor of a pair. The motherboard manual states that dual channel(interleaved) operation is supported with varying technology and device widths, but the capacity of each module must be equal. Even if the dimms are of different speeds, you will get dual channel operation, although at the slowest memory timing of the pair. From this, I conclude that replacing only the failing module should work.

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The motherboard let me set the voltage to a max of 2.08. I set the cas to 4 4 4 15. The motherboard would not let me set it to anything other than 15.

Memtest loaded, but hung, giving no error msg.

I went back to the bios defaults , still got memtest failure.

Pulled the suspect stick, memtest ran flawlessly showing 333(ddr666)

cas 5 5 5 15 single.


At this point, I think I have a defective module. At the very least, it does not behave like the good module which it is supposed to match. I do not suspect the motherboard slot, because when I previously put the suspect module in the first slot, it also failed. I think the module needs to be replaced.

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