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problem with new memory?


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I just recently bought 2 value select 512mb ddr 400 memory chips. and cant seem to get more than 1 chip to work. which is quite puzzling as i also have a 256mb ddr chip aswell when i bought the first one as was able to combine the two, in order to get the 768. so i had put in all 3 the first time and it was showing 1024 with all 3 chips in which was odd. so i took them all out and tryed it again and only seem to be able to get 524 memory with a 512 chip any ideas on whats going on? all of the chips work indepentily of one another. if i just put the single chip in. any ideas thanks?! the mb is a soyo dragon kt600 plus i believe with a amd 2600 cpu.
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