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Memory and Cpu Oc problem


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I have 2gb Corsair CMX1024-3200C2 memory, with a Asus A8N Sli deluxe Mobo, w/ amd 64 3700+. When I enter the bios and set the memory to auto it clocks it at 333, 3.0 CAS, i went into manual and set it at the normal setting of 400, 2.0 CAS, It works but the problem im having is that when i set this, i am no longer able to OC my cpu, it will lock up at boot. When i change the settings of the memory back to auto i am then able to OC my cpu but then the memory is running slower. My cpu is stable at 2.607ghz oc, and i would like to acheive that with the normal memory speeds. I am semi new to this, so plz help! Thx.
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