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Will it work?


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Sorry if there's a previous post answering this sort of question.


I have a Nforce2 400 based mainboard manufactured by Soltek, model SL-75FRN2-L. I'm running a Athlon XP-M 2500+ OC'd to 2.4Ghz, but I'm neither overclocking the FSB or the memory, just the CPU.


When I first set-up the system I purchased some very expensive HyperX dual channel memory 512mb (2x256). I found that the computer couldn't run in dual channel mode with a 200fsb, to get dual channel I needed to run a 166fsb. :(:

I decided to get some new memory and purchased a Corsair value select 1gig kit. What'd you know it works in dual channel at 200fsb.

Twice the memory, half the cost, lost fancy heat sinks, gained 200fsb + dual channel, so obviously I'm very happy with Corsair.:D:


On to my question. I'm now considering going to 2gigs of memory, I play WoW and have heard it will really benefit from the extra RAM. I'm aware that I have to place a 1gig module in the first slot of my mainboard and then 2-512mb modules in the other two slots to retain the dual channel.

Will this memory:


Work with the memory I all ready have:



I'm pretty sure it will, but want to be certain before I order it.

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