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A8n32sli Or Xms3500 Bad ???


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my system ran great for 2 days then i got a fatal error on boot and said it was dumping memory and to check ram after i reboot it will not boot it will come on for 1 sec. i get a lite on the MB and the fans come on but only for a sec. i replaced the processor with new one today system got to log in screen and then went to blue screen when i logged in and said same message as before. i have replaced PS swapped ram every combination swapped video cards removed all hardware still will not boot the only thing left is the MB or RAM any advise. also could any of this destroy the processor AMD sent me a new one with no explination if the other was good or bad and now it to will not boot up at all.



AMD 4000

XMS 3500






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i used the asus overclock settings from 3% to 10% was at 8% when started having problems temps were all ok except for PS fan i always had a under speed warning but i think the ps fan has its own speed control depending on the ps temp. (seasonic600w) ive tried every combination of parts that i have to work with. the ps was the only item i had that was not part of the orignial package that i have swapped i'm new at this but if something was out of wack on the hard drive would it have caused the crash when i logged into my desktop when i installed the new processor it got to that point but when i logged on it died. i was getting errors from the start but i was able to close them and contionue i thought i just need to update my O.S. XP by the way but it got worse until the crash i got a RMA for the MB but i would like to be more sure instead of blindly swaping parts like i have been.


thanks for any and all help

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Don't overclock it at all. Go into the BIOS and set the timings manually:


CAS Latency (tCL): 2

RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 3

Row Precharge (tRP): 2

Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 6


Memory Voltage: 2.75 Volts

All other settings to defaults.

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