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RMA for CorsairTwinX1024-C2PT

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Hello Ram Guy,


Back in March I posted on these forums requesting help for my CorsairTwinX1024-C2PT modules I purchased. Im sure you dont remember, but Memtest would consistantly fail and I had a few (sparratic) crashes in windows. You told me to increase the voltage and see how it goes.


Since then i was still having these problems till about a month ago... when i bought AN IDENTICAL set and installed those to replace the ones that seem to be giving me troubles. These modules seem to work fine, which leads me to believe my other modules are defective. Please read on.


Keep in mind that my system is not overclocked or modified to cause this issue. And of course, ive tested with a brand new set of the same kind with no issues.


The main problem I was having for months was that windows would run fine until you start accessing the last 256k or so of the memory, which would cause it to crash almost religously. I couldnt play CS: Source, EQII, or any of those high demanding Ram games, because it would crash with a memory error after loading a map, level, etc. Also noticed windows became very unstable when I hit that magic mark.


Since I got those modules, they have never worked correctly on the default timings... even with a voltage increase. I decided it was time to finally get these faulty modules replaced. Right before posting this message, I submitted a request to have these modules replaced using your (beta) automated RMA service. I chose the option that said 'Im an expert and would like replacement modules...'. On my confirmation email, it says that I put that I have a dead pc, which is not the case, because the memory WILL boot windows fine and appear to be working correctly. HOWEVER THIS IS NOT THE CASE-THE MEMORY IS NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY OUT OF THE BOX.


I just want to clarify this so I dont get the same modules shipped back to me. Im certain these modules are defective, ive put up with them for months, and I just want to get a working set.


So my question is Ram guy... Should I include this post in the return box? How do I make sure that I dont get the same defective modules back?

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