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Bad Ram


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I got your email. Also got a call from a guy and he gave me a ticket number.

Tested using memtest-86 @ 2.75 volts.

TwinX CMS 512-3200XL, 1 gig (2x512) MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum 939

1 bad module, other OK.

ticket #38763

Will fill out form and wait for RMA#


Thanks for your response.



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Ram Guy

I sent both memory dimms as directed.

The post office attempted delevery on Sat.


The second attempt was made Today 12/27/05, @ 11:00 AM


Corsair was closed or wouldn't except?

They, (US postal service) in Freemont will hold for 5 day's and then return to me.

I informed rma @ corsair of the tracking and RMA#'s.


RMA # R104181

Tracking ED 306789616 US

Will Corsair pick it up or will it be returned?


P.O claims it will not make any furthar attempts to deliver.


What to do?



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Ram Guy


I think I screwed up? I didn't put the RMA number in the addres line i.e. RMA Dept. #R104181.


I got it wrong because I used the .pdf version of the address wich say's

Attn RMA Dept.


It also say's Landings Parkway.


So maybe I'll have to wait and resend. I did enclose a copy of the RMA conformation in the package. Perhaps they wouldn't except yhe package witout the RMAnumber on the outside (Address Label)?


Oh well, wonder if I will need a new RMA to re-send?


I sent an email explaining the situation?



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Ram Guy.


I recieved my tracking mumber and the memory is a few towns away. UPS knows it's to be delivered to Webster, MA.

However it seems they lost my name and addres. They call it an exception "Missing Name & Address. So they don't know where to deliver it?


Tracking #; 1Z 966 E65 12 6488 997 8


The first time I used the tracking number they had the info?


Don't know what happened. It's supposed to be delivered 1-03-06


Thanks for your help, you make this system work!




Got the memory.

UPS sent it to the right street, wrong town. No dbolduc there.

Got in touch with them and arranged to pick the memory up at their facility.

Did so.


Happy new year!



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