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Compatibility with Value Ram 2Gb kit....


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I'm trying to decide which is the best mobo to go with the memory I have ordered: VS2GBKIT400C3 - which is not listed in your compatability database...


My choices are:


Abit KN8-Ultra

Asus A8N-E



Which will be the most stable with ram? - I won't be overclocking either.


The other components in the system are:

Antec Sonata II case

Athlon 64 X2 3800

XFX 6600 256mb DDRII XXX PCI Express

2x1gb Matched Corsair Value Ram DDR400 CL3

NEC 3550 DVD writer

Maxtor Diamond Max 10 300GB SATA 16mb


I'd appreciate any thoughts.


Many thanks

Scottie P

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Thanks RAM GUY, that's really helpful ... you've answered my question - I just wanted to know if any of the boards I am considering were likely to have issues with the ram I already have. You've cleared up that doubt and I now I just need to decide which I think will be the easiest to live with.


Thanks for your reply.



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