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Upgrade - problems with Corsair 2x1Gb kit


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For the past year, I was running satisfactorily on 2x512Mb Elixir memory modules. One failed, so I decided to upgrade to 2x1Gb modules. The motherboard manual says it "supports DDR400/333/266 DIMM; supports up to 2Gb (max)".


I opted for the Corsair 2x1Gb kit, VS2GBKIT400C3 (DDR PC3200 CAS3.0). To be on the safe side, I e-mailed Corsair's Ram Guy for compatibity confirmation, and was told: "The module you mentioned will work great in your system without any compatibility errors or problems. In fact, you should simply be able to just plug it in and go without any issues."


Unfortunately, that was not the case. I bought the kit and installed both modules. Both were recognised, but the computer was unusable - various BSODs all the time. I removed one module, and the computer ran OK. I tested both modules by running Memtest86+ overnight - no errors at all.


Any suggestions and advice would be much appreciated!

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