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msi k8n diamond & twinx1024-4400c25pt pls help :(


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hi, im newbie at this forums and need some help with my new mems, i bought this mems and i wanted to try them at both settings, pc3200 and pc4400


1)2-2-2-5 1t or 2t no problem at 200mhz 2.7v= it works fine.....

2)2.5-4-4-8 1t or 2t at 200mhz 2.7v the mem wont even boot, when the loading bar its getting filled the boot crash, this happens always


k8n diamond bios version 1.70, im using an amd64 3000+ winchester


i already try as pc4400, set 275 mhz, lowered the ldt to x3, mult 8x, 2.75 mem, 1.5v cpu, raised chipset voltage too, 2.5-4-4-8 1t and 2t, no matter what i do, after adjusting this settings and saving bios settings that the pc dont even post, i would like to test this settings with memtest, but dont know how cause the pc dont post, i tried changing one setting at the time, saving and come back and change other setting, and the same....have to reset cmos to re adjust all over again....


i really need help guys :(, im desperate


i was thinking that the k8n may be the problem but the mem wont even work at its rated latency

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thanks for the reply


i tried 200mhz 2.5-3-3-7 1t 2.8v, 1.5v cpu, i had several problems to make the mobo post, but once it posted, it booted normally and was stable at windows.....


im thinking that the mobo its the one who´s limiting the capabilities of the mems, so im planning to change it for a dfi nf4 ultra-d


would it be ok this change??, and for the record, months ago a friend brought me his ocz tccd and the motherboard booted ok at stock speeds, but once passed the 220 mhz didn boot


sorry for my english, greetings...

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