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my computer has been restarting without warning and without regularity. i swapped everything around so i know that it is either my motherboard, cpu, or ram. i ran memtest86 and i stopped it on the 6th pass. on pass 5 this is what is came up with

test Pass Failing Address Good Bad ErrBits Count

5 3 003eb48c38 - 1003.5MB ffff00ff ffffffff 0000ff00 1

5 3 0003fac0b98 - 1018.0MB ffff00ff ffffffff 0000ff00 1


does this mean that my memory is bad? not really sure what to do.

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here is some of the info you requested:



XMS - XMS3202 V 1.5

LOT CODE - 0526040-2


I have also pulled out one of my dual channels and i do not seem to have a problem now. i am going to run memtest86 to see if the faults are gone. do you still need my BIOS info? if so, what exactly do you need (there is a lot of info)? thanks again for your help. jeremiah

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