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Corsair COOL Pump Problem - RMA?


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I bought a Corsair COOL water cooling unit a little under a year ago. I was using my PC and it just PC shut down. Now all I get is the the OS is not loader screen. I do check the water once a month to make sure it is full. The pump makes no noise when I turn the PC on. I also run duel power supplies in the PC so it has plenty of power. The PC runs on one power supply and the fans and two water cooling units run on the other. I replaced the Corair COOL water cooling unit with a strandard heatsink and fan and it works fine now. Is the pump still under warranty? If so could I get an RAM to send it back for a new one. If it does get RMA do I need to send the whole system back? I didn't see anything in the box or on the site about the warranty. I still have the original box and paper work but I can't find the receipt. Please let me know. Thank you.
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