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I got bad ram


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Ive came here before and posted about 4 sticks of ram i thought was faulty. But now i can definetly say one stick is faulty... The ram is VS256MB400


Ive tested it first using the windows memtest what ever then mem test 86+ and the stick is faulty. I tried running at 133Mhz, 166Mhz and 200Mhz with the same problem. Ran at 2.6v and 2.8v with no avail.


So is this a valid reason to apply for RMA? Of you need a screen shot first?


EDIT: Testing again, another stick seems to be faulty too...


Thank you


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Hi again


Ive sent the ram on Jan 9th, it should take about 5 days for it to arrive from the UK, no?


Its been 10 working days and i have received no conformation that corsair have received my ram.


Ive checked on the http://www.royalmail.com website which is the company i used to send the package and they say its not been delivered yet. But not just on one occasion the item arrive and the tracking hasn't been confirmed.


So is it possible to check if corsair have my ram or would they have e-mailed me when it arrived?


My RMA: R106011


This RMA is talking longer then expected :confused:

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