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compatibility for a toshiba satellite pro 4280


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I own a toshiba notebook (satellite pro 4280) and i tried to install a stick of corsair CMSS128MB-100SOD (listed as compatible in the Corsair Configurator).


But when I powerup my notebook, there is the following message : "please remove incompatible memory module in slot A"


The same message appears if i plug the module in the slot B.


The notebook has the latest BIOS available (version 2.70-trad).


Since it's quite an old notebook, I don't know if the memory slots are defects (as far as i know, they have never been used, but they could nonetheless be dead), or maybe your memory modules have been tested with an older BIOS, and the new one isn't compatible anymore.


Could you please confirm me if this memory module (CMSS128MB-100SOD) is compatible with my notebook (satellite pro 4280, BIOS version 2.70-trad) ?


Thank and regards.

Marco Parisi

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First of all, I'd like to say I did not call your customer service. I do not feel comfortable enough in spoken English to dare calling someone by phone (unless you have an Italian speaking or French speaking customer service :p: )


And anyway, since I came across a Kingston stick of RAM, and since it did not work either, I assumed that my memory slots were really dead. And I doubted your customer service could do nothing more than telling me as well that my memory slots were dead.


But recently, I came across an old Toshiba notebook where I work. I decided to give it a try, and I removed its memory to test it in my own notebook. And guess what? Yes, it worked. :eek:


I put 2 sticks of 128 MB and they worked perfectly. I have also tried with a stick of Buffalo RAM (found in a Dell printer) and it worked too.


It looks like your memory configurator is not accurate, at least regarding my notebook. :roll:


So I have a question. Since at first I thought that my memory slots were dead, I kept the stick of RAM (since it was working, I thought the shop would not take it back). But now I know for sure that it's a compatibility problem, can I bring it back to the shop, 3 months after the purchase and ask for a refund? Does the warranty still apply in my case?


Thanks for your help.



Marco Parisi

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