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Dead RAM


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ok, this one is going to stretch the lifetime warranty to the breaking point.


I've got 2 RAM sticks, CMX512-3200C2, had them for awhile. They worked quite well.


Well, they don't anymore. Mostly because of the small scorched sections and the now missing pins where the arcing occurred and they melted the solder. (and that wonderful smell of fried resistors).


The short story is that I had a chaintech motherboard which worked well up until a month ago, and then started acting... odd. Well 2 weeks ago, something damn near started a fire inside the computer and it was centered around the RAM slots. The ram slots which had the modules in them are partially melted from the arcing and still have a couple of the pins sitting in them from the RAM. I should also point out that both chips are identically damaged. (arcing occurred at the same pin points)


Chaintech refuses to believe it could be their board (that is a whole different RMA argument at the moment) and I am arguing with their tech support who don't speak english sadly. They also say that the RAM isn't their problem.


I did not, nor have I ever tried to overclock the RAM or the motherboard (AGP / processor). I didn't change any of the voltages in the BIOS... basically nothing was different that should have caused this.


They are definitely dead parts. I'm trying to get the pieces of my computer back... So, I guess my question is:


Is this covered under your lifetime warranty or am I SoL?

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