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bad ram memory


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I think my ram memory is defective

just bought 2 modules of 512MB and one is working fine

the other isn't working

when trying to start my system using the defective module computer wont start at all just have a screen that says memory problem

when i switch ram module system will boot regularly

tried changing the motherboard but they problem is still there

i just was reading on your web site i need to have some sort of number assigned

so here i am with my post :)

ok let me know what to do please and if you need any more information

thank you

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Hi just received an email from tsxpress@corsairmemory.com where it says "Your Corsair Support ticket Case # 104027, has been updated" and then provides me a password for access it

i tried to login by following the link http://tsxpress.corsairmemory.com but when i choose the option "I have an active case # already ..." and write my case number and password there the button doesn't work as in the upper field "Ram Memory: XMS, Value Select, System Select" a text appears and says " <- Missing "

it's asking me the product number again or it wont go...

but if i select the product number option i go thru the same troubleshooting process i already went thru...without the chance to use my case number

can you please check and let me know how to access it correctly and eventually what this updates to my ticket are?

thank you for help!

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