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Adding memory (Corsair value select) Asus A8N-sli Deluxe


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Hi, I need some advice on RAM.


My motherboard is Asus A8N-sli Deluxe.


Currently I have 1 stick of 512MB Corsair Value Select.


I wish to upgrade my RAM but I am not sure it is going to work later.


Option 1: 512MB

I am planning to buy 1 new Corsair Value Select 512MB, so it can pair up with my existing RAM and enable to run at Dual Channel. Now my question is, is there any compatibility issues in Corsair Value Select RAM? Because usually there are difference in RAM because they use difference chips or etc... so is it ok if I buy a new 512MB and pair with my existing 1?


Option 2: 1GB

I also planning to get a new 1GB Corsair Value Select but I am not sure it will running with my existing 512MB or not. I also try to get some infomation from the Corsair RAM Guy, some of the forumer there suggest to install both ram in different channel. Example like 512MB x 2 install in Channel A then 1GB x 1 install in Channel B. So both running at 1GB in different channel.


But the problem is I am getting 512MB x 1 and 1GB x 1, so there is different in total RAM. I am not sure it will working or not even if I am able to install in different channel later.


Can anyone helping me out???


By the way, anyone would like to suggest me to get 1GB or 512MB now. Is it better to get 512MB and run at dual channel or just get the 1GB now and running at 1.5GB.


I also notice there are similar case but the forumer not use the same motherboard like mine.


"I have a Shuttle XPC with a VS512MB400C in it. I just purchased a new stick VS1GB400C3. With either stick, PC boots fine. When both sticks are installed, PC won't boot."]


Then I refer to "How to read the memory label!"

I found that the value select only have serial number and lot code



So, I should get a new memory with the same serial number or lot code? If I planning to get a 512MB value select


Thanks for your help :):

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I refer to the "How to read the memory label!"


You mentioned to refer to the correct part number.


I checked with my RAM and I found the part number is : VS512MB400


Regarding to the "revision" you mention earlier, is it the version of the part? I am not sure if the value select series has version number. But I will check from the retail store later :)


So, if this is the correct part number then I will get a new 512MB first.


Thanks for your help... Thanks again :laughing:

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  • Corsair Employees
Value Select modules do not have a revision number but it is best to match the modules you use for best performance. So I would suggest you buy what you plan to use and not try adding or mixing memory many MB’s now will not have much tolerance for mixing memory.
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Hi, I found this memory is suit to my motherboard.


Example: TwinX1024-3200C2

May I know any difference with TwinX1024-3200C2 and TwinX1024-3200C2PT?


I guess the PT is due to the heatspread is platinum.


Well, if I purchase this "TwinX1024-3200C2PT" will this suit to my system?



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